For Millennials at Work, Flexibility and Freedom Trump Pay


New research from EY, a global professional services organization, confirms a conviction of mine: millennials at work care more about flexibility and freedom than pay. Those who want to woo millennials will definitely want to read this one. [Read more…]

Uber CFO Steps Down to Spend Time With Family

Photo via NY Post
Photo via NY Post

In a surprise turn of events, Uber’s CFO, Brent Callinicos, has decided to step down in order to spend more time with his family. He joined the company almost two years ago and previously served as VP of Treasurer and Chief Accountant at Google.

In a memo announcing his departure, Callinicos talks about simply wanting more time, and realizing he ended to make a change in oder to obtain it.

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No, You Don’t Need to Make People Think You’re Working 29 Hours a Day. Ever.

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Jason Fell recently wrote a post for Entrepreneur on entrepreneur Grant Cardone’s approach that entrepreneurs must always be open for business, and that means staying semi-plugged-in while on vacation (about an hour a day).

The piece closes with this killer quote:

“Nobody ever knows when I’m [away from work],” he says. “People think I’m working 29 hours out of a 24-hour day. That’s the impression you need to create.”

Why? [Read more…]

The Work-Life Inventory

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Being a Rebel is more than just working effectively — it’s about maximizing all areas of your life. After all, what’s the point of being ridiculously efficient if you can’t enjoy the extra free time?

We often read stories about work-life balance, but this verbiage implies that we spend equal time on work and non-work activities. Not so here at RE. You’ll see me use the phrase “work-life alignment” in place of “work-life balance” on the site for this reason, even though the latter has a higher search volume.

I agree with the maxim that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. The following tool will help you record your satisfaction with various areas of your life over a 30-day period. [Read more…]