Millennial Monday: 3 Key Strategies on How to Hire Millennials

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Millennial Monday: Where Are the Jobs?

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In today’s edition of Millennial Monday, I’m sharing my take on stats and stories tackling a core question: Where are the jobs? [Read more…]

We Finally Tackle the Big Millennial Debate – How Different Are We?

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A recent article from the Harvard Business Review brings to light a subject that has been debated among employees, employers and HR experts for years now — just how different are millennials and do we need a different management style? HBR’s Amy Gallo did some investigating into the most common statements made about millennials and if there is actually any truth there. She gathered information from management experts and studies that generally say that millennials aren’t that different after all.

Marissa Brassfield (founder and CEO of Ridiculously Efficient Inc.) and I broke the HBR article into pieces and offered our take on the whole millennial conversation, as millennials ourselves. See our responses to the comments below.

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