Daniel Pink: How to Institute a Results-Only Work Environment

Daniel Pink
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Yesterday, I shared compensation-centric highlights from this week’s #HRBookChat Twitter book chat, which featured Daniel Pink; today’s follow-up post focuses on Pink’s tips to institute a results-only work environment. A ROWE office initiative, as the name indicates, focuses on results rather than a place or a time. Such an environment might include flex time or other malleable working arrangements, but it doesn’t require them.

Implementing a ROWE: First Steps

Alyssa Burkus kicked off this portion of the chat by asking for tips to institute a results-only work environment:

This last point has particular importance for those who want to boost their productivity: rather than rolling out wholesale changes to your workflow, start with smaller goals, like cutting down the time you spend on email.

Chris Capozzi asked how to get top executives to support a results-only work environment, which inspired a flurry of ideas:

Again, Pink’s message is to start with baby steps.

ROWE in the Public Sector

What about public sector employees? Pink acknowledged that some businesses will have more trouble instituting a ROWE than others:

And, a great quote:

Management and Engagement

Another quote-worthy moment comes when Daniel Pink discusses the role of management in engagement.

Employee Fit and Motivation

Sometimes an individual’s work style clashes with the preferred working style of his employer. Pink tackles this, too:

Does your office have a results-only work environment? If so, how has it influenced your motivation?


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