‘The Zen Programmer’ Talks Meditating for Productivity [Interview - Part 2]

christian grobmeier the zen programmer
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In part one of our interview with Christian Grobmeier, the author of The Zen Programmer, he told us what led him to going zen and how simply learning to say ‘no’ changed his life. To Grobmeier, practicing zen means not having expectations and remembering that simply breathing, eating and sleeping should take priority. In part two of our interview, Grobmeier tells us how the art of zen can give you a better work-life balance while also boosting your productivity.

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What’s Your Productivity Mantra?

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I’m often asked if I have a productivity mantra — a word or short phrase that centers me and helps me focus. I used to say that it was “work hard, play harder,” but if I’m honest, that’s not it. This phrase certainly explains my approach, but it’s not my rallying cry. [Read more...]

Amiel Handelsman Talks Effective Arguing and Creating a Productive Work Environment [Interview - Part 3]

amiel handelsman interview

Amiel Handelsman teaches leaders how to reach their full potential in his new book,  Practice Greatness: Escape Small Thinking, Listen Like A Master, And Lead With Your BestIn part one of our interview, he talked about how any leader can be great. In part two, we talked about how leaders should constantly practice being a leader. Today, in the final instalment of our multi-part interview with Handelsman, he talks about effective arguing and how to foster an engaging work environment.

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5 Productivity Myths Debunked

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In my path to becoming as productive as possible, I have come across many tips and strategies that promise enhanced productivity. With all of this input, I sometimes think that I am missing the point of becoming more productive, and falling into productivity sink holes. A recent article on MarketingProfs debunks five of the most common myths surrounding productivity.

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Forget About Time, Manage Your Desires to Boost Productivity

stop procrastinating
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The world is full of productivity hacks. Whether it is supplementing your workday with exercise or creating an organized, well thought out to-do list, there’s a plethora of ways to boost your productivity in the work place. One thing we often overlook though, is what if we enjoyed performing these daily tasks? Would we be more productive? Jessica Stillman of Inc.com weighs in on this topic while speaking with veteran hedge fund manager Brooke Allen.

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