Get More Done With Reward Tasks

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Most of us love the satisfaction of crossing off an item on our to-do lists, however important or mundane the task might have been. But this satisfaction alone isn’t always enough to help us fight off procrastination. Add ‘reward tasks’ to your to-do list to give yourself that extra incentive. [Read more...]

‘Morning Bias’ is the #1 Threat to Flextime

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My colleague Rosemina recently uncovered some unnerving research about how bosses really feel about flextime, and I’d like to highlight a dangerous phrase from the linked research: morning bias.

Last week’s article focused on a study out of the University of Washington which revealed managers have a clear morning bias. The majority of managers felt that workers who started the workday later were less effective and less conscientious, and that “early birds” were more effective and industrious.

The key in the UW study is how closely the employee and bosses’ schedules match. “Night owl” managers were less likely to show morning bias in their evaluations of employees.

Now juxtapose this with earlier research out of the University of Minnesota finding that flextime workers are far more likely to experience slower career advancement or career penalties by prioritizing family first.

The overarching management message to workers becomes clear: Work as I work, or you’ll pay. [Read more...]

Author of ‘The Zen Programmer’ Shares his Top Productivity Tip [Interview - Part 4]

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Last week, we shared a three-part series in which Christian Grobmeier, the author of The Zen Programmer, told us why he turned to meditation, how it has helped his productivity and his new schedule with a great work-life balance. Today, in the final part of our interview, Grobmeier tells us about his top productivity tip and what readers will gain from reading his book.

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‘The Zen Programmer’ Talks Meditating for Productivity [Interview - Part 2]

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In part one of our interview with Christian Grobmeier, the author of The Zen Programmer, he told us what led him to going zen and how simply learning to say ‘no’ changed his life. To Grobmeier, practicing zen means not having expectations and remembering that simply breathing, eating and sleeping should take priority. In part two of our interview, Grobmeier tells us how the art of zen can give you a better work-life balance while also boosting your productivity.

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What’s Your Productivity Mantra?

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I’m often asked if I have a productivity mantra — a word or short phrase that centers me and helps me focus. I used to say that it was “work hard, play harder,” but if I’m honest, that’s not it. This phrase certainly explains my approach, but it’s not my rallying cry. [Read more...]