A Lifelong 25-Hour Workweek? I’m on Board

telecommuting by pool
(CC) pinguino/Flickr
Most of us working-age stiffs are putting in far more than our 40 hours a week at work, but Professor James W. Vaupel of the University of Southern Denmark argues that adults should have a permanent 25-hour workweek, but work well into their 80s. [Read more…]

Is a ROWE Right for You? 3 Questions With Michael Reynolds of SpinWeb

beach meeting
A beach brainstorming session proves productivity isn't limited to the office. (CC) Ronaldo Ferreira/Flickr

I recently had the opportunity to ask Michael Reynolds, a CultureRx consultant and the president and CEO of SpinWeb, a few questions about ROWE, or a results-only work environment. [Read more…]

ROWE Your Way to Peak Productivity

A ROWE might be just the thing to supercharge your team's productivity. (CC) puresolitude/Flickr

A Results Only Work Environment — often shortened to ROWE — fosters productivity and boosts employee health, according to a new study. [Read more…]