3 Warning Signs a Top Employee is About to Quit

resignation letter

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Even managers who focus on culture and motivation are sometimes unable to retain high-performance team members. Here are three warning signs that indicate a top employee is getting ready to quit. [Read more...]

How Employee Engagement Leads to Productivity

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Many managers read all the talk about employee engagement and think that happy employees will automatically level up their productivity; unfortunately, managing performance isn’t that simple. [Read more...]

Tracking Employee Burnout? Measure ‘Rust-Out’ Like Barclays

bored at work

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We’re all familiar with employee burnout, but Barclays UK Retail and Business Banking uncovered another productivity-killing phenomenon in its latest employee engagement surveys: worker “rust-out.” [Read more...]

3 American Express Call Center Practices That Enable Employee Engagement

american express

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Not all offices are primed for employee engagement, but one American Express call center in Fort Lauderdale goes out of its way to create a pleasant working environment. [Read more...]

Focus on Employee Happiness to Foster Work Productivity

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This week is National Workplace Wellness Week, so it’s only appropriate to examine how managers can foster work productivity by focusing on employee happiness. [Read more...]

Engaged Employees Catalyze Economic Growth

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Lululemon employees having fun at work. (CC) lululemon athletica/Flickr

An excerpt from Jim Clifton’s “The Coming Jobs War” makes a fascinating assertion: engaged employees catalyze economic growth, and high-energy workplaces are thus poised to save America. [Read more...]