Personal Communication Checklist

The sheer volume of communication we handle on a daily basis at work requires discipline and organization. Let’s face it, Rebels — our role entails being an example of effectiveness, personally and professionally. I’ve created a checklist that will help reinforce some of the practices you’re mastering here in the Big Efficiency Library.

In this downloadable PDF checklist (and Numbers spreadsheet for you Mac users), you’ll see the top eight to 10 best practices for email, meetings and calls. [Read more…]

How to Be Efficient at Work Despite Lackluster Management

isolated work desk
(CC) recoverling/Flickr

It’s easy to stay motivated at work when you have an good manager at the helm; however, the real world requires that you know how to be efficient at work in spite of ineffective leadership. [Read more…]

Email Spam Costs Businesses $20.5 Billion a Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

email spam
(CC) Esparta Palma/Flickr

Email spam costs businesses $20.5 billion a year — that’s about $1,934 per employee — in decreased productivity, according to this VisibleGains infographic. [Read more…]