Personal Communication Checklist

The sheer volume of communication we handle on a daily basis at work requires discipline and organization. Let’s face it, Rebels — our role entails being an example of effectiveness, personally and professionally. I’ve created a checklist that will help reinforce some of the practices you’re mastering here in the Big Efficiency Library.

In this downloadable PDF checklist (and Numbers spreadsheet for you Mac users), you’ll see the top eight to 10 best practices for email, meetings and calls. [Read more…]

A Roadmap to Greater Company Transparency [Infographic]


We’ve mentioned before how transparency throughout a company can boost productivity. Simply knowing what coworkers are paid and the performance levels that lead to higher pay rates serves as motivation, which ultimately leads to higher levels of productivity. The infographic below from Clear Company shows how organizations can create transparency.

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Demotivation: The death of Productivity

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With the percentage of people who dislike their job being over half, it is likely that you don’t wake up each day and race to work with a smile on your face. Moreover, it is possible that you may know someone who is a disengaged worker, meaning they are present at work but absolutely hating every minute of it. As a disengaged worker, productivity is low and work quality is at a minimum. But what causes people to experience these feelings? Below are four reasons you may be disgruntled with your job, and some solutions to sidestepping these discouraging practices.

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3 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Team

team huddle
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One of the most important aspects of being a manager is knowing how to successfully motivate your team. Each employee needs to feel encouraged in their roles, and this feeling will lead to heightened productivity. Those who don’t feel motivated are likely to show lower performance levels. Below are three easy ways any manager can motivate their team.

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