Monday Must-Reads: Alternative Workweek Strategies

alternative workweek strategies
(CC) Charleston's TheDigitel

Not every office abides by the standard 40-hour week, and this week’s must-reads center on alternative workweek strategies that promote creativity and productivity.

  • A new study finds that working in places like moderately loud environments, such as coffee shops, actually improves creativity. Should you relocate your desk to your nearest Starbucks? [Fast Company]
  • O2 launched its Flexible Working Pilot in February, enabling one-fourth of its 12,000-member workforce work remotely for a day. Things went quite well for all concerned. [The Next Web]
  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg leaves the office every day at 5:30 p.m. to spend time with her family. Working dads, it’s time to follow suit. [Forbes]
  • Betterment has a No-Hour Workweek that enables employees to do work whenever and wherever they please. [Fast Company]
  • Fifteen ideas employers can use to shake up standard workdays and boost efficiency and employee engagement. [The Globe and Mail]

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