A 40-Hour Workweek Becomes a Company Perk in Recruiting Strategy

© fotomatrix - Fotolia

© fotomatrix – Fotolia

Many of us hear the words “40 hour work week” and laugh, reminiscing about the days when that was a reality. Whether you hold the opinion that working longer days is beneficial or not, it is important to note that certain start-ups are beginning to advertise the perk of guaranteed 40-hour workweeks. These start ups aren’t the only advocates for shorter workweeks.

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A Lifelong 25-Hour Workweek? I’m on Board

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Most of us working-age stiffs are putting in far more than our 40 hours a week at work, but Professor James W. Vaupel of the University of Southern Denmark argues that adults should have a permanent 25-hour workweek, but work well into their 80s. [Read more...]

Spain Moves Paid Holidays to Monday for Productivity’s Sake

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The business associations and unions in Spain are hoping to boost productivity by moving all 14 paid holidays to Monday, thereby thwarting three “bridges,” or extra-long weekends employees create with paid vacation days when holidays fall in the middle of the week. [Read more...]