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Courses, Coaching and Workshops

Digital Courses

Our digital solutions come from the biggest problems our clients and community face. Currently, we offer the following courses:

Small Group Virtual Coaching

This ambitious, results-oriented coaching program features regular real-time virtual coaching sessions with Marissa and select members of the Ridiculously Efficient team, plus additional course content delivered weekly.

  • Elite Work-Life Alignment: Become Ridiculously Efficient in 2017 with Marissa Brassfield: Starting in January 2017

Live Workshop Experience

Our half-day and full-day workshops for entrepreneurial individuals and teams include:

  • Become Ridiculously Efficient: A highly customizable half-day or full-day on-site workshop in which Marissa Brassfield and select members of the Ridiculously Efficient team work directly with employees, managers and leadership to supercharge impact. (Great for conferences or events, too!)
  • Bringing Your Brand Alive: Ideally suited for individuals who represent "the face" of a company or brand in make-or-break settings: owners and top leadership, marketing department heads and communications professionals.
  • Beyond Personal Branding: Next-Level Showmanship with Billy MurrayStarting in August 2016