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How Light Affects Productivity & Mood [Infographic]

Before you pick up another cup of coffee and blame your tiredness on an afternoon slump, you may want to turn your focus elsewhere—like the lights in your office. That’s because light does much more than people realize to affect how well they work or how happy (or angry or sad) they feel at the office.

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Are Remote Employees Happier? [Infographic]

Those of us who work remotely swear by the practice -- we make our own schedules and choose our own workspaces -- what's not to love! But are we happier than those who work in a traditional office setting? TINYpulse surveyed more than 500 American remote employees and compared the responses from over 20,000 employees working in various fields. Time Doctor turned the data into an infographic -- check it out below to see how remote work compares to office employees. 

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Adulting 101: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Productive Adult [Infographic]

Let's be honest -- being an adult is hard. Between giving it your all at work and successfully running a household, there's a lot of room for mishaps, fumbles and just plain old embarrassing moments. There are a few ticks you can learn that will make the whole adulting thing a little easier -- and maybe even help you thrive. The infographic below from Online Schools Center shows you a few useful ways you can become more efficient, maximize your energy, and how to challenge yourself. 

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Thursday Thought: How Businesses Are Adapting to The Freelance Economy [Infographic

The freelance economy (or gig economy) is taking over. What was once considered a side hustle is increasingly becoming full-time work. This is quickly changing the interactions between employer and employee as these traditional roles become client/contractor relationships. The infographic below from Rutgers University highlights how this economy of independent contractors is changing the business world. 

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