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Destroy to Create Experiment: Can I Use a 10.5" iPad Pro Full-Time at Work?

I regularly conduct what I like to call “Destroy to Create” experiments, where I take a routine, habit or workflow and switch it up to see if I can make it better, faster, easier and/or cheaper.

In Q4 2017, I wanted to see if I could replace a laptop with the new 10.5" iPad Pro. Because it was Abundance 360 season, my busiest time of the year, I found myself using a laptop more than usual simply out of necessity. So I extended the experiment through to Q1 2018 to give the iPad a fair shot at a mix of everyday work -- design, writing, videoconferences, heavy email, browser use, Slack and file management.

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Thursday Thought: Work On Your Productivity Skills Before Turning to Software

Productivity tools, like project management software and to-do list apps, can be hugely beneficial to individuals and organizations alike. But it takes more than just using a productivity tool to actually become productive. As Maura Thomas recently pointed out on HBR, you need the productivity skills to make good use of the productivity tools. 

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