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How I Learned Resilience Through Adventure Travel

I recently read a post by Blake Snow on Entrepreneur that outlines a few of the many reasons why entrepreneurs should prioritize travel, and it reminded me of the lessons my own travel adventures have taught me. As Snow puts it, one of the most important lessons an entrepreneur can learn while trekking through a rainforest or paragliding above a beautiful blue ocean is “adaptive resilience.”

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The Best Places for Digital Nomads to Visit, According to the Experts

The digital nomad/coworking/freelance lifestyle is one that provides freedom of space and time, which means you can choose your own timezone and your own hours. The practice is often one of hit-and-miss, as factors like insufficient wifi, less-than-satisfactory accommodations, and bad weather can ruin your plans for a working vacation. A recent Forbes article about remote work features interviews with industry experts, who gave their thoughts on the best destinations for digital nomads and freelancers alike. Check out the list below.

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Samsara Suitcase Doubles as a Mobile Workspace

It is hard to be productive while travelling. Between the changing time zones, the shuffle from airport to airport and the search for good wifi, travelling can be a productivity killer. But, if you travel for work on a regular basis or are something of a digital nomad, not being productive while travelling just isn't an option. That's where Samsara, the world's first aluminum smart suitcase, comes in. 

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6 Coworking Travel Companies for Aspiring Digital Nomads

With more and more people choosing jobs that allow them to work remotely, becoming a digital nomad has become much more popular. But travelling alone can be both daunting and lonely -- especially when it becomes difficult to find decent wi-fi. The solution comes in the form of coworking travel companies that allow you to see the world and not have to worry about the details.

For a fixed fee, these companies offer a private room, a coworking space and anywhere from a handful to dozens of travel buddies who will serve as both your personal and professional network. If you are travelling with a partner or spouse, most companies will offer a discount.

We scoured the Internet to find the following coworking travel companies. Know of one that you don’t see on our list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Motivation Monday: 8 Ways to Amp Up Creativity

When you look at successful songwriters, performers, artists and entrepreneurs, it can feel like they were born to be more creative than other people. Although there is some evidence that creativity is genetic, there are ways to give your creativity a boost. Whether you're struggling to solve a problem at work or you want to unlock your musical potential, certain behaviors and environments can help bring out the creativity hidden within you

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Tool Time Tuesday: This Ring Keeps You Close to Loved Ones While Travelling

If you travel a lot for work, you've probably experienced how difficult it can be to be away from the people you love the most. This distance can take its toll on relationships, and even the ability to stay connected through text and video chats isn't always enough. A company named The Touch wants to keep couples together, no matter how far they might be from each other. They created a ring that allows you to feel your significant other's heartbeat. 

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