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Wag! is the Ridiculously Efficient Way to Care for Fur Babies

Sometimes those we love are the ones who can be affected the most by our busy and sometimes unpredictable schedules -- and knowing your baby is home and has to pee can be a worry that can easily throw you off your game. Sometimes it’s worse -- you get so engulfed in what you’re doing that you forget and later feel guilt from neglect. So, what if you could handle this stress with a click of button?

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Thursday Thought: Work On Your Productivity Skills Before Turning to Software

Productivity tools, like project management software and to-do list apps, can be hugely beneficial to individuals and organizations alike. But it takes more than just using a productivity tool to actually become productive. As Maura Thomas recently pointed out on HBR, you need the productivity skills to make good use of the productivity tools. 

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