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Why Tech Execs Are Quitting: Freedom of Time

I intentionally keep tabs on Silicon Valley culture, and in recent weeks, have read announcements that Amazon exec Charlie Kindel and WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum are both stepping down from their respective roles. While both are excited about the future of the companies they worked so hard to grow, I couldn’t help noticing this: in their announcements, both cite a desire to enjoy their newfound free time.

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Thursday Thought: Is 4 a.m. The Most Productive Hour?

Apparently, if you want to be a highly efficient individual, you should start your day at 4 a.m. A recent report from the Wall Street Journal said that 4 a.m. is actually the most productive time of day. If I sound a bit incredulous, it's probably because I am. I am a natural night owl, so waking up at that hour is just not an option for me. However, WSJ's arguments are pretty convincing. 

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