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The Lily Chronicles: Puppy Productivity Diary Week 4

Over the last month, I’ve been sharing weekly reports of life with my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Lily. As Mike and I settle into our new groove, my focus turns to how I can apply what I’m learning about good puppy-raising into my professional life.

This week led to some breakthroughs with Lily that are highly relevant to human high performance. Read on to hear them.

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8 Ways to Have a Thriving Work Culture For Your Remote Team

With benefits like greater employee productivity and engagement, lower employee turnover and cost savings, it’s no wonder that more companies are looking to hire remote employees. But while there are many advantages to having a remote team, there are also challenges. Communication requires more planning, there’s no water cooler chats or birthday cake in the breakroom, and it can be easy for remote workers to feel like they’re not part of a team.

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7 Steps to Take Before Quitting Your Job

We spend most of our waking hours at our jobs, so when we dislike what we’re doing, it has a huge impact on our well-being. When we feel burned out, even the best weekends, filled with our favorite people and activities, are not enough to carry us through the week. By Tuesday, we’re in a slump again, whether it’s due to fatigue, lack of purpose or difficult coworkers.

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Working From Home: Is It For You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Working from home is a perk some view as a luxury. I love working from home -- it gives me the freedom and flexibility to work my own hours and escape from some of the less attractive parts of working in an office. But, working from home isn't for everyone. The infographic below from NeedaOffice will help you answer: Is working from home for you?

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