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Firefighters That Eat Together Perform Better on the Job

A lot of companies have made it a point to make lunchtime a more enjoyable experience for employees by offering free lunches, group luncheons, or on-site cafes. While some might see this has a frivolous perk, these companies might be onto something. A study from Cornell University found that firefighter platoons that shared meals performed better together while on the job.

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Identify Your Talent and Potential with StrengthsFinder

The Gallup organization created the Clifton StrengthsFinder to help people discover their unique combination of strengths. StrengthsFinder is an online assessment that measures personal talent and identifies areas where an individual’s greatest potential for building strengths exits. After 40 years of study, Gallup discovered 34 of the most common talents that people possess, and created a unique language around it

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