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Are Remote Employees Happier? [Infographic]

Those of us who work remotely swear by the practice -- we make our own schedules and choose our own workspaces -- what's not to love! But are we happier than those who work in a traditional office setting? TINYpulse surveyed more than 500 American remote employees and compared the responses from over 20,000 employees working in various fields. Time Doctor turned the data into an infographic -- check it out below to see how remote work compares to office employees. 

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Thursday Thought: A Lot of People Still Don't Believe in Equal Pay

Gender equality in the workplace is, unfortunately, still a major issue in today's world. A woman has a lot more to consider when navigating her career -- Does she seem to aggressive? Does she seem too passive? Is she dressed appropriately? Will having a family mean opportunities will stop coming her way? Will she ever get paid the same as her male peers?

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