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Notes Against Complacency: Get Support

Some of us are highly accountable to commitments we make. Even major habit changes are relatively easy because once we’ve formally committed to something, it immediately becomes law.

For many of us, though, making a commitment and following through on it are two different sets of actions. Today, we’re constantly distracted or interrupted -- factors that can torpedo even the best of intentions.

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Thursday Thought: 4 Ways Having a Happy Spouse Makes You Healthier

It’s no secret that happiness and health go hand-in-hand. If you have fewer aches and pains, you’ll feel happier, and if you’re happy, you’ll be able to cope with stress and not let it negatively affect your health. Studies have also shown that happiness can strengthen our hearts, boost our immune systems, help fight disease and lengthen our lives.

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Vulnerable Conversations & Holiday Season Grief on the 2-Year Anniversary of My Dad’s Death

Today is a somber day in my house, and at Ridiculously Efficient: On this day in 2014, my dad died, just 18 months after my mom died.

This time of year is always difficult, but over the last two years I’ve witnessed firsthand how catastrophic situations -- death, divorce, career changes and other major life events -- can eventually bring out the best in us.

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