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Researchers Suggest a Hack to Make Financial Decisions Easier

New research has found a few helpful tips we can use when making financial decisions. When it comes to making decisions about money, many of us go running in the opposite direction. According to science, we do this for a few reasons: because we have too many choices, we're happy to defer the decision to a partner, or we don't feel we have the expertise to make the decision. 

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Using a Gratitude Journal Changes Your Brain

Gratitude journals have gained popularity recently, as a means of self-care. The journals are meant to remind users of the good things in their lives, something that becomes especially helpful for those dealing with hard times or mental health issues. And, it turns out the practice might actually change the way your brain works. 

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Thursday Thought: A Lot of People Still Don't Believe in Equal Pay

Gender equality in the workplace is, unfortunately, still a major issue in today's world. A woman has a lot more to consider when navigating her career -- Does she seem to aggressive? Does she seem too passive? Is she dressed appropriately? Will having a family mean opportunities will stop coming her way? Will she ever get paid the same as her male peers?

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