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3 Ways to Manage Stress Related to Emotional Labor

In an ideal world, we’d all have jobs that match our personalities, skillsets and values. We’d feel challenged and inspired, and enjoy the company of our coworkers. But often times, this is not the case. Some of us end up in jobs that clash with our true nature, such as the introvert that works at the front desk of a busy hotel, or the extrovert who writes code in a too-quiet office. Others may disagree with company policies, or have trouble getting along with their coworkers.

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Frictionless Friday: 5 Actionable Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on many areas of our lives, including our career, relationships, physical health, and overall wellbeing. When we feel stressed at work, we may snap at our coworkers or clients, have trouble focusing and overlook important details. We may also indulge in sugary snacks from the vending machine, develop aches and pains, feel depressed and have trouble sleeping.

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