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Business Etiquette and Body Language Blunders [Infographic]

Your body language can tell a lot about your mood and opinions. Sometimes, it can say even more about you than what you say out loud. In a professional setting, your body language becomes even more important -- the way you shake someone's hand or the way you view a presentation can completely change the experience. The infographic below, from Swiss Canadian Capital, outlines ways you can subtly change your body language to ensure your business etiquette never falters. 

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Frictionless Friday: Supercharge How You’re Heard So People Will Want To Listen To You

I have yet to meet someone who says public speaking is easy. When there is SO much to take into consideration, it’s no surprise how often and easily we f*ck up. The list of things to remember to do physically combat what we are striving to produce vocally and, let’s be honest, there is no set-in-stone formula to help you pull it off.  So let’s narrow down all of the tips under the sun, and beam in on these 6 must-dos. Follow these user-friendly speaking tips and your listener will definitely be engaged in what they hear

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