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Thursday Thought: A Lot of People Still Don't Believe in Equal Pay

Gender equality in the workplace is, unfortunately, still a major issue in today's world. A woman has a lot more to consider when navigating her career -- Does she seem to aggressive? Does she seem too passive? Is she dressed appropriately? Will having a family mean opportunities will stop coming her way? Will she ever get paid the same as her male peers?

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Frictionless Friday: Mobile Technology Leads to More Engaged Employees

Mobile technology has taken over the world, but it seems that it hasn't quite reached a large number of workplaces. According to the recently released Global Workplace report from Steelcase, landline phones and desktop computers are still very present in American offices, at a ratio of 2-to-1. More than 86% of employers continue to have employees use landline phones. And, 80% of companies still require that workers use desktop computers. 

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Tech Job Seekers are Flocking to 4 Cities

The tech industry is one that is plentiful in job openings, many of which are going unfulfilled. In turns out, this has a lot to do with preferred cities. According to a recent report from job-search engine Indeed, there are openings in the tech industry throughout the U.S., but job seekers are looking for them primarily in four cities: San Jose, California; San Francisco; Seattle; and Austin.

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