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More Full Time Workers Are Going Remote, Says New Report

It's well known that remote freelancing is on the rise, with more people opting for flexible schedules away from the traditional office environment. Upwork’s Future Workforce Report has noted that more full-time workers will be opting for remote work in the next decade, with 55% of hiring managers agreeing that remote work is becoming more common among permanent employees. 

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The Best Places for Digital Nomads to Visit, According to the Experts

The digital nomad/coworking/freelance lifestyle is one that provides freedom of space and time, which means you can choose your own timezone and your own hours. The practice is often one of hit-and-miss, as factors like insufficient wifi, less-than-satisfactory accommodations, and bad weather can ruin your plans for a working vacation. A recent Forbes article about remote work features interviews with industry experts, who gave their thoughts on the best destinations for digital nomads and freelancers alike. Check out the list below.

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8 Ways to Have a Thriving Work Culture For Your Remote Team

With benefits like greater employee productivity and engagement, lower employee turnover and cost savings, it’s no wonder that more companies are looking to hire remote employees. But while there are many advantages to having a remote team, there are also challenges. Communication requires more planning, there’s no water cooler chats or birthday cake in the breakroom, and it can be easy for remote workers to feel like they’re not part of a team.

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7 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Can Work Remotely

With perks like extended travel opportunities and flexible hours, more and more employees are asking their bosses to work remotely—leading to higher productivity, engagement and job satisfaction. Allowing employees to work remotely can also save companies money, because they are able to cut back on equipment costs, and also because remote workers get more done.

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Are Remote Employees Happier? [Infographic]

Those of us who work remotely swear by the practice -- we make our own schedules and choose our own workspaces -- what's not to love! But are we happier than those who work in a traditional office setting? TINYpulse surveyed more than 500 American remote employees and compared the responses from over 20,000 employees working in various fields. Time Doctor turned the data into an infographic -- check it out below to see how remote work compares to office employees. 

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Working From Home: Is It For You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Working from home is a perk some view as a luxury. I love working from home -- it gives me the freedom and flexibility to work my own hours and escape from some of the less attractive parts of working in an office. But, working from home isn't for everyone. The infographic below from NeedaOffice will help you answer: Is working from home for you?

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