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This Quiz Tells You How You Respond to Expectations

How you react to commitments — whether they’re to yourself or others — leaves important clues on how to motivate yourself and coach others to motivate you.

I love it when coaching clients and professional colleagues recommend new tools that help me understand them (and myself) better. So earlier this year, when my colleague Ellen recommended Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies quiz, I couldn’t resist.

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4 Ridiculously Efficient Approved Personality Assessments

At Ridiculously Efficient, we are big fans of personality assessments. They help us learn about ourselves -- how we react in certain situations, how our instincts influence us, and the character traits that drive us. This information has also helped us better communicate with people in and outside of work, and allowed us to pinpoint the tasks we both enjoy and excel at. This knowledge has even helped us better serve you (our readers) and our clients.

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