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Ridiculously Efficient Gift Guide: Photo Lighting to Illuminate Your Brand

The quality of the cameras on cell phones are good enough to capture high resolution imagery for the size of a billboard. Apple's ad campaign proves just that. Apple also launched their own Instagram account featuring photos taken with iPhones. However, the lighting in your photos and video can be the difference between of someone clicking buy and someone clicking away. With our amazing smartphones, it's simple to take great pictures but the perfect lighting can be rather tricky. Improve your brand and public's image with these lighting products that will make your photos merry, bright and likable.

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Thursday Thought: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Personal Brand During Your Next Video Call

Jumping on a video call is not always as easy as it sounds. If you’ve ever streamed yourself live, you know that there’s quite a bit to take into consideration when firing up your feed. When it is your brand that is on display, it’s not always as simple as making sure the light is green and your audio is on. Whether it’s a Skype date with your boo or a million dollar web deal, it is critical to keep these ridiculously efficient tips in mind to keep your brand’s image on point.

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