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Notes Against Complacency: Sunrise Dates

I’ve started noticing that my most productive, fulfilling days — the ones where I fall asleep at night feeling that satisfying kind of tired that only comes from a great day’s work — are the ones where I am awake when the sun rises. So I’ve begun waking up at 5 a.m. to ensure that I’m always up with or before the sun.

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Notes Against Complacency: Prepare For Your Next Mental Health Day

One of the harsh truths of high-performance work is that we humans are not robots. The pressure of competing deadlines, exceedingly high standards, and juggling work with adulting adds up.

My team and I firmly believe that taking a mental health day is just as important as taking a day off to recover from a physical ailment.

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Notes Against Complacency: 4 Ways to Optimize Communication

Last week, two glasses of red into the evening, my husband Mike and I were having a conversation about our mornings, and we came up with a proposed tweak to our morning routine (one of my favorite topics).

I said, “Great! Want to run through the morning, starting from the first alarm?” I was ready to run to the whiteboard.

Mike said, “I know you need to plan... I just don’t want to think about the morning right now.”

I was briefly stunned at the absolute perfection of his response. I played it over in my head again before responding: I know you need to plan.

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Notes Against Complacency: Get Support

Some of us are highly accountable to commitments we make. Even major habit changes are relatively easy because once we’ve formally committed to something, it immediately becomes law.

For many of us, though, making a commitment and following through on it are two different sets of actions. Today, we’re constantly distracted or interrupted -- factors that can torpedo even the best of intentions.

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Notes Against Complacency: Pause

Whether you realize it or not, every day, you follow dozens of processes. There’s a wake-up process. A breakfast process. A shower process. A getting-ready-for-work process. A process to commute to work, and then even more processes to get settled at your workspace, conduct meetings and check your email.

If you think about it, everything in life is a decisionmaking process. And you can always optimize your algorithm.

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