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Notes Against Complacency: Sunrise Dates

I’ve started noticing that my most productive, fulfilling days — the ones where I fall asleep at night feeling that satisfying kind of tired that only comes from a great day’s work — are the ones where I am awake when the sun rises. So I’ve begun waking up at 5 a.m. to ensure that I’m always up with or before the sun.

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Motivation Monday: 8 Tips to Help You Become a Morning Person

Life is tough for night owls. Most businesses open at 8 a.m., and most American schools start at the same time, or even earlier. Studies have shown that morning people are happier, healthier and have greater career success than night owls, most likely because the corporate world is in sync with their natural rhythms. Those who fight going to bed and waking up early may not perform as well in the morning, causing them to not do as well in school or in their careers.

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How Successful People Start Their Day [Infographic]

How you start your day is hugely important. Mornings can be hard, but if you set yourself up for success, you're more likely to have a productive, effective and happy day. However, success looks extremely different for each person -- some prefer to start the day with a workout, while others like to spend more time getting ready for the day. The infographic below by Sleepy People shows the morning routines of successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Winston Churchill.

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16 Ways to Combat That 'Groggy Morning' Feeling

How many times have you woken up in the morning feeling totally sluggish, out of sorts and so not ready for the day? Sometimes, that feeling can be a result of a general lack of sleep. Other times, you can chalk it up to plain old bad habits. Simple things like watching television immediately before bed or not sticking to your sleep schedule on the weekends can interrupt your cycle and cause you to get that 'groggy morning' feeling

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