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DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love Star in PSA For NBA Mental Health Initiative

The NBA has launched an initiative called Mind Health to help raise awareness of mental health issues. Toronto Raptor's DeMar DeRozan and Cleveland Cavaliers' Kevin Love star in a short PSA, promoting the initiative and describing their own struggles with mental health.

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How Dealing With Tragedy Made Me a Better Person

A few years ago, this pretty terrible thing happened. The thing that happened is not the important part, though. It’s what happened after that matters -- at least for the sake of this article. While immersed in my grief, I slowly began to change. Everything from my perspective to the way I view other humans took a total turn.

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Notes Against Complacency: Prepare For Your Next Mental Health Day

One of the harsh truths of high-performance work is that we humans are not robots. The pressure of competing deadlines, exceedingly high standards, and juggling work with adulting adds up.

My team and I firmly believe that taking a mental health day is just as important as taking a day off to recover from a physical ailment.

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This CEO Has the Perfect Response to a Developer’s Use of Mental Health Days

Madalyn Parker, a developer at Olark, recently sent an email to the company stating that she would be taking a couple of her sick days to focus on her mental health. CEO Ben Congleton had the perfect response to the email, stating that he supports her use of sick days and that her email reminded him of the importance of mental health.

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