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Keto Confidence: How Changing My Diet Helped My Career

In 2016ish, I switched to a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting at the suggestion of a few friends. Everybody does this differently, but for me specifically, this means I eat all my meals between 1 pm and 8 pm, focusing on eating plenty of healthy fats and very few carbs and sugars.

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10 Ways to Spend the First and Last Minutes of Your Workday [Infographic]

Here at Ridiculously Efficient, we are all about creating intentional habits that will better your mental clarity and overall day. These habits can be as impactful as the time you go to sleep every night, to something seemingly less important like the ritual you have while making your morning coffee. Even those moments right before and after work can be important. The infographic below from  Fundera Ledger outlines how you can increase your performance with these routine habits.

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