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Wethos Connects Freelancers With the Non-Profits They Care About

As a freelancer, I am able to divide my time between projects that I choose, and I would love to spend some of that time contributing to the causes I care about. But where do I start?

That's where Wethos comes in. Wethos is a network that connects freelancers to non-profit gigs and the causes they care most about. 

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6 Signs It's Time to Quit a Client

For freelancers and solopreneurs, getting and keeping a client requires a certain type of hustle that allows us to maintain several different jobs at once, while ensuring our clients are happy. And those who do it successfully are damn good at it. But, not every client is one that is useful to you -- and this is something we often only find out after spending several months working on a project. However, it takes so much time and energy to maintain said client, that you want to see it through for as long as possible... and the extra cash is always nice. So, how do you know it's really time to quit a client? Here are some tell-tale signs.

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