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Knowledge Commerce: How to Turn Your Skill Into a Thriving Business [Infographic]

Many people keep their passions separate from their jobs, feeling it would be far too hard to make money through that interest or skill. However, as this infographic below from Kajabi notes, there are plenty of ways to turn a skill or passion into a thriving business. As the freelance sector continues to grow, so do the opportunities to become an infopreneur. Learn more below! 

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Wethos Connects Freelancers With the Non-Profits They Care About

As a freelancer, I am able to divide my time between projects that I choose, and I would love to spend some of that time contributing to the causes I care about. But where do I start?

That's where Wethos comes in. Wethos is a network that connects freelancers to non-profit gigs and the causes they care most about. 

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More Full Time Workers Are Going Remote, Says New Report

It's well known that remote freelancing is on the rise, with more people opting for flexible schedules away from the traditional office environment. Upwork’s Future Workforce Report has noted that more full-time workers will be opting for remote work in the next decade, with 55% of hiring managers agreeing that remote work is becoming more common among permanent employees. 

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The Best Places for Digital Nomads to Visit, According to the Experts

The digital nomad/coworking/freelance lifestyle is one that provides freedom of space and time, which means you can choose your own timezone and your own hours. The practice is often one of hit-and-miss, as factors like insufficient wifi, less-than-satisfactory accommodations, and bad weather can ruin your plans for a working vacation. A recent Forbes article about remote work features interviews with industry experts, who gave their thoughts on the best destinations for digital nomads and freelancers alike. Check out the list below.

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5 Productivity Tips for Freelancers

Some would say that freelancers have the best job in the world. You can work remotely, you're under your own watch, and you choose the amount of work you take on. However, your life of a freelancer is a bit more complicated than that. Like all professionals, freelancers occasionally hit flats -- a place where motivation runs thin and workflow ceases. If you, or someone you know, seems to be in this stage of their work life, refer to these five tips to get back on the path to productivity.

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