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The Lily Chronicles: Puppy Productivity Diary Week 1

On August 27, Mike and I welcomed a 12.5 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Lily, into our household. Over the next year, she’ll grow into a 75-80 lb. athlete, and it’s our job to keep her healthy, exercised and well-socialized.

Naturally, I see this experience as a great way to test out new routines for effectiveness, which means Lily has become my puppy productivity muse.

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Actor Paul Scheer Shares His Daily Routine

Paul Scheer is a comedian, writer, actor, podcaster and a new dad. In the last couple of years, he's assited in the creation of Hulu series Hotwives, had a regular role on Fresh Off The Boat,and will be appearing in the upcoming Will Ferrell movie, Daddy's Home. Lost story short, he's a busy guy. But, it seems his creativity and productivity never flounders. He recently gave Fast Company an inside look at his life, talking about his productivity and how he manages to protect his creativity on a daily basis. Check out the highlights below.

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