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Communication Hacks For Women: Emojis vs. Effective Communication

Women walk a fine line in many professional environments, especially when it comes to communication.

A well-intentioned, friendly gesture or anecdote can unfortunately easily be misconstrued as “weak” or unprofessional. With digital communication dominating many professional conversations, it’s often hard to read tone.

Emoji symbols were designed, in part, to address this problem. Some use a well-placed smiley face to indicate a friendly tone -- but do emojis belong in professional conversations?

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Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies [Infographic]

What your body says is just as important as what you say verbally. Everything from your posture to the way you shake someone's hand is telling of your mood, how you feel about the conversation at hand, and can provide those around you with a lasting first impression. The infographic below from Custom Writing common ways we communicate nonverbally and what our body language is really saying. 

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Ask Marissa: How Do I Say ‘No’ Without Disappointing Anyone?

I don't like disappointing people and I have a hard time saying “no.” But this often also means that I am stretched too thin because I am putting myself in a position where there is either too much on my plate or I have agreed to help in areas that I can’t actually succeed in (either because it is outside my skillset or because of circumstances outside of my control). When I do say “no,” I feel disappointed in myself for not even trying. I don’t want my teammates to think that they can’t ask for my help, but I also don’t want to be taken advantage of. How do I say “no” without offending and disappointing my colleagues?

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Notes Against Complacency: 4 Ways to Optimize Communication

Last week, two glasses of red into the evening, my husband Mike and I were having a conversation about our mornings, and we came up with a proposed tweak to our morning routine (one of my favorite topics).

I said, “Great! Want to run through the morning, starting from the first alarm?” I was ready to run to the whiteboard.

Mike said, “I know you need to plan... I just don’t want to think about the morning right now.”

I was briefly stunned at the absolute perfection of his response. I played it over in my head again before responding: I know you need to plan.

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This Company Goes Email-Less for a Full Day

Once every quarter, the employees at LaSalle Network turn off their inboxes. What started off as a one-day experiment to help reduce misunderstandings that often come through text communications yielded such great results that the company decided to make the practice a permanent part of culture.

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10 Slack Hacks You Need to Know

Communication is essential for any team to be efficient, productive and innovative, and the messaging app Slack has become one of the most popular ways for teams to stay in touch throughout the workday. With Slack, you can message your team in real-time, swap files, share calendars, set reminders and more. Plus, the app integrates with other tools you already use, such as Google Drive, Trello and Dropbox.

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Frictionless Friday: Supercharge How You’re Heard So People Will Want To Listen To You

I have yet to meet someone who says public speaking is easy. When there is SO much to take into consideration, it’s no surprise how often and easily we f*ck up. The list of things to remember to do physically combat what we are striving to produce vocally and, let’s be honest, there is no set-in-stone formula to help you pull it off.  So let’s narrow down all of the tips under the sun, and beam in on these 6 must-dos. Follow these user-friendly speaking tips and your listener will definitely be engaged in what they hear

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