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Workspace Wednesday: WeWork Tests Co-Living Space

Envision your college campus. Did you live in the dorms? Were there constantly extra curricular activities going on in addition to your everyday classes? I don’t know about your school, but at mine that is how it worked. If you weren’t in class, you were forming a study group with people in your classes. If you weren’t studying, you were participating in an intramural sport. Imagine going back to that life (minus the craziness of being in a foreign place in your foreign 20s). What was it like to have that constant collaboration? Would it be more fulfilling to live with a group of like-minded individuals?

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Would You Work Where You Play?

If you are an independent contractor and can work from anywhere in the world, you know how to create multiple zones in your home or office for concentration, creativity, and even for fun. Even though working at home and being alone most of the time may be convenient and efficient, there are definitely times that call for collaboration.

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