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Keto Confidence: How Changing My Diet Helped My Career

In 2016ish, I switched to a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting at the suggestion of a few friends. Everybody does this differently, but for me specifically, this means I eat all my meals between 1 pm and 8 pm, focusing on eating plenty of healthy fats and very few carbs and sugars.

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6 Ways to Stop Gambler’s Fallacy From Hurting Your Career

We all have cognitive biases -- errors or faults in the shortcuts our brains take when processing information and making decisions.

Understanding these common biases, especially if they are particularly common in your thought patterns, can help you develop strategies to minimize bias and improve the quality of your decisions.

In this article, we’ll tackle gambler’s fallacy, which sometimes sounds like this: “I’ve had so much bad luck lately that things are bound to turn around.”

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Black Friday 2016 at Ridiculously Efficient

One of my superhero skills is creating freedom by helping big thinkers, ambitious professionals and world-changing entrepreneurs effectively communicate their vision, which you’ll see in the following Black Friday 2016 deals.

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Money, Time, Significance – Finding a Career that Fits You

Don’t know exactly what you want to for your career? The good news is you’re not alone!

In my parent’s generation and the one before theirs, you worked wherever you could find a job. Just having a job that paid the bills was a huge accomplishment. Finding a job that was meaningful or doing work that you truly enjoyed was a luxury for some, but those people seemed to be few and far between. 

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