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Tool Time Tuesday: Slice Planner is an Analog Planner that Connects to Digital Calendars

There are those of us who absolutely swear by our analog notebooks, and we always turn to good ol' pen and paper when we need to stay organized. Then there are those that love their digital calendars and to-do lists -- being able to access these tools from anywhere just makes life easier. But what if you could do both? Slice Planner is doing just that.

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Thursday Thought: Block Out Time in Your Calendar to Manage Your Schedule

When your schedule starts to get away from you, it's hard to keep up. And the longer you let it go, the worse it gets. Until, one day, you feel as though you've totally lost all control over your time and schedule. Entrepreneur Marcus Whitney reached that boiling point a few years ago. Instead of drowning in it, h took a step back and took time out of his schedule for a few time management sessions. He outlined this change to Fast Company. Here are the highlights.

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Tool Time Tuesday: Google Calendar on Android Makes Scheduling Meetings Easier

Finding a time to meet with friends, family or even clients can be super annoying. With each person having differing schedules, even finding a time to meet for drinks can take a lot of back and forth. Google Calendar for Android is now coming to our rescue by automatically finding a time that works for both parties.

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