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Give Yourself Fully Customizable Reminders With Randomly RemindMe

I am that person that needs constant reminders. I need to be reminded of simple daily tasks, like taking my laundry out of the dryer, cleaning my makeup brushes regularly and, some days, drinking enough water. I don't necessarily forget to do these things, but my mind gets full of al the other things going on in my life that these simple reminders go ignored. 

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No More Forgotten-Wallet Drama: My 2-Day Apple Pay Experiment

Earlier this week, Mike and I drove 3 hours north to visit -- and place a deposit -- on a puppy. After battling Los Angeles traffic and navigating winding country roads, we made it to our planned stop in Solvang, California. We got out, stretched our legs… and promptly realized we’d left The Wallet at home.

In our early-morning excitement, neither of us remembered to ask the other if we’d packed the single wallet Mike carries with both of our driver’s licenses, insurance cards, cash, and bank/credit cards. With 100 miles’ worth of gas in the tank, 120 miles to drive back home, and no physical payment cards or ID, we were in a situation.

Mike got an idea: Can we use Apple Pay?

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The Great Suspender Will Save Your Computer From Your Tab-Hoarding Ways

Hello, my name is Rosemina and I am a tab hoarder. A serious tab hoarder. I currently have 11 separate windows open with multiple tabs open in each one -- I have a problem and my laptop speed and overall productivity has been paying for it.

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Wag! is the Ridiculously Efficient Way to Care for Fur Babies

Sometimes those we love are the ones who can be affected the most by our busy and sometimes unpredictable schedules -- and knowing your baby is home and has to pee can be a worry that can easily throw you off your game. Sometimes it’s worse -- you get so engulfed in what you’re doing that you forget and later feel guilt from neglect. So, what if you could handle this stress with a click of button?

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Tool Time Tuesday: Slice Planner is an Analog Planner that Connects to Digital Calendars

There are those of us who absolutely swear by our analog notebooks, and we always turn to good ol' pen and paper when we need to stay organized. Then there are those that love their digital calendars and to-do lists -- being able to access these tools from anywhere just makes life easier. But what if you could do both? Slice Planner is doing just that.

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Tool Time Tuesday: ExplainToMe Generates an Automated TL;DR for Online Articles

If you find it difficult to keep up with the amount of articles you want to read online, you may be interested in ExplainToMe, a new automatic article summarizer. Simply paste the web page URL of the article you want to read into ExplainToMe's search bar, specify how many sentences you want the article summarized in, and a mini version of the article will appear.

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Thursday Thought: Work On Your Productivity Skills Before Turning to Software

Productivity tools, like project management software and to-do list apps, can be hugely beneficial to individuals and organizations alike. But it takes more than just using a productivity tool to actually become productive. As Maura Thomas recently pointed out on HBR, you need the productivity skills to make good use of the productivity tools. 

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Tool Time Tuesday: Freedom Blocks Distracting Apps and Websites

As soon as my mind starts to wander, I find myself picking up my phone to check Snapchat or typing in the word 'Facebook' into my address bar and, before you know it, I've ventured down a long, tedious and totally unnecessary rabbit hole. Freedom is an app that wants to help people like me keep those distractions at bay. 

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Tool Time Tuesday: Google Calendar on Android Makes Scheduling Meetings Easier

Finding a time to meet with friends, family or even clients can be super annoying. With each person having differing schedules, even finding a time to meet for drinks can take a lot of back and forth. Google Calendar for Android is now coming to our rescue by automatically finding a time that works for both parties.

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