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Motivation Monday: 8 Ways to Amp Up Creativity

When you look at successful songwriters, performers, artists and entrepreneurs, it can feel like they were born to be more creative than other people. Although there is some evidence that creativity is genetic, there are ways to give your creativity a boost. Whether you're struggling to solve a problem at work or you want to unlock your musical potential, certain behaviors and environments can help bring out the creativity hidden within you

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Thursday Thought: You Probably Need More Alone Time

We are always connected, thanks to our smartphones. Whether it's actually chatting with friends or scrolling through Twitter, we have found a way to constantly be around other people... even when we are physically alone. It seems this has caused many people to fear being alone with their thoughts. One study found that a quarter of women and two thirds of men prefer giving themselves an electric shock rather than sit silently with their own thoughts. 

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