Frictionless Friday: What Would You Do With #OneDayOffline?

How connected are you to your phone? Our smartphones have, in a sense, become extensions of ourselves. A message to a friend isn't quite complete without an emoji, the funny quip you heard ins't quite as funny until you tweet about it, and did that concert really happen if you didn't share a photo on Instagram and share the experience on Snapchat? 

Smartphones are great, amazing tools that keep us connected to friends and family, and puts all the information we could ever think of right at our fingertips. They have definitely served to make our lives better, but at what cost? 

Last fall, Mashable held an experiment -- they invited a bunch of strangers to spend the day together in nature, without their phones. Each person forfeited their phone upon arrival and went on the spend the day truly enjoying everything they could touch, see and smell. 

The video then begs the question -- what would you do with one day offline? The responses in the video are telling. Some would simply spend the time with loved ones, while others vow to truly take the time to live in the present moment, to literally smell the roses. 

So, what would you do with #OneDayOffline? Tell us in the comments below or tell us on Twitter and tag @efficient

Rosemina Nazarali