How Gordon Ramsay Manages 15+ Hour Days

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a very busy guy. His empire includes restaurants throughout Europe and North America, several TV series, his own production company, and a few books thrown in just for fun. Currently, the famed chef is in Los Angeles working on the next season of MasterChef, while his family continues to live in London.

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During a recently Reddit AMA, Ramsay revealed what a typical day looks like for him.

  • Start the day at 5 am
  • Workout
  • Eat breakfast (which is usually plain oatmeal)
  • Deal with matters relating to his American businesses
  • Work on MasterChef until 9 or 10 pm
  • Eat
  • At midnight, Ramsay calls his family to talk to his kids before they go to school
  • Check-in with business matters in London
  • Sleep at 2 am

Three hours of sleep sounds pretty insane and unbearable. Ramsay says having several projects going at once keeps him energized. But his real secret to sustaining such a crazy schedule is making sure to take his weekends off.

"My flagship restaurant in Chelsea has never been open on a Saturday and Sunday — it's never been open on a weekend, because I thought if we're going to do this, I'd like to do this properly, so my staff needs time off," he wrote. "So I work hard, but I give myself time off on the weekend. I cut it off, and power down for 48 hours."

The key here is balance, as unbalanced as Ramsay's schedule might seem. He works extra hard five days a week so he gets a full 48 hours to relax and recharge. By the time Monday morning rolls around, he's ready to tackle his week and his insane schedule.

H/T Business Insider