Thursday Thought: Elon Musk Doesn't Believe in Failure

Elon Musk has achieved what others might have conceived as impossible. He takes enormous risks and never seems to fail. Why? Simply because he doesn't believe in failure. 

Co-founder of SpaceX, Jim Cantrell, told Farnam Street that Musk succeeds because he believes he, his ideas and the products they produce will succeed. 

[I]t doesn’t matter if it’s going up against the banking system (Paypal), going up against the entire aerospace industry (SpaceX), or going up against the U.S. auto industry (Tesla). He can’t imagine NOT succeeding, and that is a very critical trait that leads him ultimately to success... What separated us, I believe, was his lack of even being able to conceive failure. I know this because this is where we parted ways at SpaceX. We got to a point where I could not see it succeeding and walked away. He didn’t, and succeeded.

There is a very "if you build it they will come" vibe to this ideology, but it's one more entrepreneurs should take on. Believe in what you are producing -- truly and fully believe in it. Don't think that it can fail. Find a way to make it successful, and it will be. 


H/T Inc.

Rosemina Nazarali