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PayPal's Toronto Headquarters is a Colourful Ode to Canada

PayPal has just opened the doors to it's new Canadian headquarters, located in the MaRS Discovery District in Downtown Toronto. The office is clad in artistic murals, branded bikes and a ping-pong table. Even the boardrooms have quirky Canadian names like "Double Double" -- a term coined by Tim Horton's coffee drinkers. The kitchen is equipped with Station's Cold Brew Coffee on tap, and has catered lunches four days a week and a weekly breakfast.  

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How Light Affects Productivity & Mood [Infographic]

Before you pick up another cup of coffee and blame your tiredness on an afternoon slump, you may want to turn your focus elsewhere—like the lights in your office. That’s because light does much more than people realize to affect how well they work or how happy (or angry or sad) they feel at the office.

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Are Remote Employees Happier? [Infographic]

Those of us who work remotely swear by the practice -- we make our own schedules and choose our own workspaces -- what's not to love! But are we happier than those who work in a traditional office setting? TINYpulse surveyed more than 500 American remote employees and compared the responses from over 20,000 employees working in various fields. Time Doctor turned the data into an infographic -- check it out below to see how remote work compares to office employees. 

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Workspace Wednesday: 9 Ways to Stay Productive in an Open Working Environment

Distractions! Noise! People! Be it the ringing phones, running office machines or colleagues having an energetic discussion, noise is a major problem in open space working environments.

Most of the people who work in open space offices attest that their level of productivity is lowered by the number of distractions, noise, and people in the their surroundings.

Why has the idea of open space working environment spread so fast in the majority of office settings? The fact is, open space working has a number of advantages over the conventional office setting. The benefits of open space working affect both the employees as well as the business.

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Workspace Wednesday: This Interactive Bookshelf is the Perfect Marriage of Function and Style

Home offices are often lacking in physical spaces. Sometimes, you might even find yourself building your workspace in that nook in the kitchen or in that extra space behind the couch. Whatever the situation, floor space is often a commodity for telecommuters. So, when I see a piece of furniture that is functional, looks great, and doesn't take up too much room, I just have to share!

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Workspace Wednesday: How to Protect Yourself Against Audible Assaults

Wherever you work, noise will find its way into your space and distract you from your work. At home, it might be the neighbour's construction crew or the kids playing outside. In an office, it might be coworkers' discussions or the numerous other sounds that can distract from work. RE's CEO Marissa Brassfield, recently revealed how she protects herself against these unwanted audible assaults. Whether you telecommute or work in a traditional office setting, pink and white noise can come to your rescue. 

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Workspace Wednesday: Cubii Gives You a Workout Without Leaving Your Desk

Many of our jobs require us to be at our desks for several hours a day. For most of us, that means we're also sitting for those same hours. Unless you have a standing or treadmill desk, sitting disease is a very real risk. Cubii wants to keep you moving. It's a tiny little elliptical that sits under your desk and allows you to get your blood flowing whenever you desire. 

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Workspace Wednesday: This Device Makes Napping at Work Much Easier

A quick afternoon power nap is a great way to reenergize. It may not be socially acceptable just yet. but this device might help make napping at your desk part of your regular routine. Architecture student Sharon Liverant designed this screen after he found himself falling asleep on his drawing board to taking naps at his desk during lunch. 

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Workspace Wednesdays: London's Iconic Red Phone Boxes are Being Turned Into Mini Offices

We've officially entered "gig" culture, with more people turning toward freelancing, personal branding and entrepreneurship. That means that people are often on the go, going from client meeting to client meeting. Coffee shops have become the go-to stop in between, where people can get a jolt of caffeine and get some actual work done. However, coffee shops can be crowded and noisy. A New York-based company wants to provide Londoners with a new option while making use of the city's iconic red phone boxes. 

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