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Give Yourself Fully Customizable Reminders With Randomly RemindMe

I am that person that needs constant reminders. I need to be reminded of simple daily tasks, like taking my laundry out of the dryer, cleaning my makeup brushes regularly and, some days, drinking enough water. I don't necessarily forget to do these things, but my mind gets full of al the other things going on in my life that these simple reminders go ignored. 

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Google Drive Hacks to Make Your Life Much Easier [Infographic]

Google Drive has made document sharing and editing so easy for teams, especially those that telecommute. But there are ways to use it even more efficiently and make your life even easier. The infographic below from Quill outlines a ton of useful Google Drive hacks, including keyboard shortcuts, Zapier automations, and how to use the features in a more effective way.

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The Productivity Planner: Why It Did & Didn’t Work For Me

At the end of every year, I peruse through my local book and stationary shops to find the right planner for the year ahead. Most times, those planners get full use for a few months, and then my organization slowly trickles until it’s the end of the year again and I’m looking for my next planner. Basically, I have yet to find a planner that works well for my needs.

At the end of 2017, I came across the Productivity Planner. Its main purpose is to help you prioritize your week and day so that you can achieve more of your goals. Each day is set up for you to prioritize 3-5 tasks which, according to the founders of the planner, will help you achieve more by doing less.

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The Great Suspender Will Save Your Computer From Your Tab-Hoarding Ways

Hello, my name is Rosemina and I am a tab hoarder. A serious tab hoarder. I currently have 11 separate windows open with multiple tabs open in each one -- I have a problem and my laptop speed and overall productivity has been paying for it.

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