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Our Insights From the 2017 Thought For Food Global Summit

Last week, the Ridiculously Efficient team took a trip to Amsterdam to attend Thought For Food’s annual Global Summit where like-minded people gather together to answer the question, “How will we feed 9+ billion people by 2050?” The summit, however, is so much more than that call to action. In the span of two days, we were inspired by stories of innovation, resilience and strength as we met people from all over the world working tirelessly to help their local communities.

Individually, we each took something away from the experience of attending TFF’s Global Summit. Below are our top insights.  

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Introducing Our '52 Notes' Newsletter

We wanted to start the year off on a positive note, while finding a way to maintain that motivation and momentum throughout the year. That's when we came up with 52 Notes -- every week of 2017 we will send out an email with a note from our Founder and CEO Marissa Brassfield featuring a new productivity tip. These tips will be something you can implement into your life immediately and without hassle. 

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Get Ridiculously Efficient This Cyber Monday

We've extended our Black Friday deals! These deals will now expire on Wednesday at 11:59pm PST. 

We want to help you end 2016 on a high note, so you can start the new year refreshed, organized, and on track to meet your goals. You can purchase the below packages as gifts to help make your loved ones better, smarter, faster, and more resilient. Or, you can give yourself a gift that helps support your ambition, nurture your creativity, and protect your confidence.

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Black Friday 2016 at Ridiculously Efficient

One of my superhero skills is creating freedom by helping big thinkers, ambitious professionals and world-changing entrepreneurs effectively communicate their vision, which you’ll see in the following Black Friday 2016 deals.

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