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If You Want To Be Tech-Free, Go To The Amazon

We are constantly surrounded by technology, from our phones, tablets and laptops, to all the technology that surrounds in our daily lives. But sometimes, it's nice to go off-the-grid, ignore your incoming messages and maybe even spend some time outside. But if you truly want to be technology-free, some experts say the Amazon is the place to be. 

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How to Stay Healthy at the Office [Infographic]

When you work in an office, maintaining your healthy lifestyle becomes much more difficult. From the coffee breaks paired with an unhealthy snack to the fact that office jobs are sedentary, work life can make it difficult to get enough exercise and eat well. The infographic below from Gundry MD outlines a few ways you can stay healthy at the office. 

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Keto Confidence: How Changing My Diet Helped My Career

In 2016ish, I switched to a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting at the suggestion of a few friends. Everybody does this differently, but for me specifically, this means I eat all my meals between 1 pm and 8 pm, focusing on eating plenty of healthy fats and very few carbs and sugars.

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Go Organic for $3 With Brandless

I recently stumbled across an online retailer called Brandless that sells all things organic for $3 per item. The store includes household items like groceries, cleaning products and even essential skincare products. While you won’t find fresh produce, you can find a lot of organic product alternatives on Brandless for a much smaller price tag.

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My Homemade Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

I began drinking high-performance Bulletproof Coffee out of sheer curiosity.

Boasting the ability to boost energy and cognitive function, it started to make its way through my network, and I was hearing success stories at professional events and from people I know and trust, including Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey.

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Destroy to Create Q2 Experiment: Pre-prepared Meals

As Ridiculously Efficient readers know, each quarter I choose one area of my work or personal life to reinvent. For Q2 2018, my Destroy to Create experiment will test whether preprepared meal delivery services can streamline the time and effort Mike and I put into grocery shopping and meal preparation. 

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A 5-Minute Meditation Trick For Workday Relaxation

We all know how meditation can benefit us, but it's often hard to find the time to dedicate to practicing meditation. However, you can meditate anywhere at any time, as long as you have a few minutes to spare. This 5-minute meditation trick, found on Inc., is a great way to find some relaxation during a busy day -- in between tasks, after a meeting, or any other time you just need some time to yourself. 

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    Using a Gratitude Journal Changes Your Brain

    Gratitude journals have gained popularity recently, as a means of self-care. The journals are meant to remind users of the good things in their lives, something that becomes especially helpful for those dealing with hard times or mental health issues. And, it turns out the practice might actually change the way your brain works. 

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