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7 Steps to Take Before Quitting Your Job

We spend most of our waking hours at our jobs, so when we dislike what we’re doing, it has a huge impact on our well-being. When we feel burned out, even the best weekends, filled with our favorite people and activities, are not enough to carry us through the week. By Tuesday, we’re in a slump again, whether it’s due to fatigue, lack of purpose or difficult coworkers.

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Frictionless Friday: How to Use Weekends to Make You More Productiv

With technology making it easy to bring work home, we need our weekends to unplug and recharge now more than ever. Even if we don’t do any actual work over the weekend, our devices make it too easy to check email or Slack messages. A study by the American Psychological Association found that more than half of Americans check their work email over the weekend, and 44 percent check their email while on vacation. The result is a population of adults who are not getting the proper rest they need at home, making them less productive in the office.

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Frictionless Friday: 5 Actionable Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on many areas of our lives, including our career, relationships, physical health, and overall wellbeing. When we feel stressed at work, we may snap at our coworkers or clients, have trouble focusing and overlook important details. We may also indulge in sugary snacks from the vending machine, develop aches and pains, feel depressed and have trouble sleeping.

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Frictionless Friday: 5 Ways to Maximize Relational Energy

Are you satisfied at work? If your answer is “yes,” you probably enjoy your boss and coworkers as much as your actual job tasks.

In order to be happy in our careers, it is necessary to enjoy the culture of our workplace. The people around us have a profound impact on our attitude, happiness and work performance. As University of Michigan Professor Wayne Baker and his colleagues reported earlier this year, this is due to what is called “relational energy.”

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Frictionless Friday: Supercharge How You’re Heard So People Will Want To Listen To You

I have yet to meet someone who says public speaking is easy. When there is SO much to take into consideration, it’s no surprise how often and easily we f*ck up. The list of things to remember to do physically combat what we are striving to produce vocally and, let’s be honest, there is no set-in-stone formula to help you pull it off.  So let’s narrow down all of the tips under the sun, and beam in on these 6 must-dos. Follow these user-friendly speaking tips and your listener will definitely be engaged in what they hear

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#CoupleGoals: Inside Marissa Brassfield's Effective Daily Family Goal-Setting Meeting

I often write about my husband Mike and how the two of us are polar opposites in terms of how we instinctively act, but there’s one thing we always agree on: sticking to our daily goal-setting meeting. We’ve had so much success with it that the team’s asked me to share it. So here it is.

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Bullet Journal 101: Can It Help You Take Better Notes, Even Faster?

Ridiculously Efficient readers know that we’re constantly experimenting with new systems, tactics and strategies that aim to facilitate productivity and effectiveness, and one we’ve heard a lot about in recent months is the Bullet Journal. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Read on to find out from our newest contributor, Kathleen McCann.

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Frictionless Friday: The INO Technique Will Stop Perfectionism In Its Tracks

Being a perfectionist is one of those traits that people like to humble brag about. It's a false negative that many believe makes you successful and better at your job. And sometimes it does. But being a perfectionist is not great for your productivity. Analyzing over minute details can sidetrack you from the bigger picture and leave you with little time for much else. 

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Frictionless Friday: Study Shows How Addicted We Are to Our Phones

Have you spent a day without access to your smartphone in the last few years? If so, did it cause you a lot of anxiety? Incessantly checking our phones has become second nature. And going without can feel like you've left a piece of yourself at home. A recent study has shown that phone anxiety is hurting how we perform.

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