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Destroy to Create Q2 Experiment: Pre-prepared Meals

As Ridiculously Efficient readers know, each quarter I choose one area of my work or personal life to reinvent. For Q2 2018, my Destroy to Create experiment will test whether preprepared meal delivery services can streamline the time and effort Mike and I put into grocery shopping and meal preparation. 

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Destroy to Create Experiment: Can I Use a 10.5" iPad Pro Full-Time at Work?

I regularly conduct what I like to call “Destroy to Create” experiments, where I take a routine, habit or workflow and switch it up to see if I can make it better, faster, easier and/or cheaper.

In Q4 2017, I wanted to see if I could replace a laptop with the new 10.5" iPad Pro. Because it was Abundance 360 season, my busiest time of the year, I found myself using a laptop more than usual simply out of necessity. So I extended the experiment through to Q1 2018 to give the iPad a fair shot at a mix of everyday work -- design, writing, videoconferences, heavy email, browser use, Slack and file management.

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