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Ask Marissa: How Do I Stop Feeling Emotionally Attached To My Work?

I find that I am almost always emotionally attached to my work. I know that this isn’t always a bad thing, but I’m lacking balance when it comes to my emotional attachment versus getting the job done well and efficiently. I have a hard time relinquishing control on certain matters, which makes it hard for me to delegate. And, when the work is not perceived well, the blow feels that much worse. How do I find a balance where I can put my all into my work while still being able to delegate and take criticism well?


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Ask Marissa: How Do I Say ‘No’ Without Disappointing Anyone?

I don't like disappointing people and I have a hard time saying “no.” But this often also means that I am stretched too thin because I am putting myself in a position where there is either too much on my plate or I have agreed to help in areas that I can’t actually succeed in (either because it is outside my skillset or because of circumstances outside of my control). When I do say “no,” I feel disappointed in myself for not even trying. I don’t want my teammates to think that they can’t ask for my help, but I also don’t want to be taken advantage of. How do I say “no” without offending and disappointing my colleagues?

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Ask Marissa: How Do I Rebuild Confidence After Failure?

I worked really hard on a project and my boss was unhappy with the result. She decided to go with a different direction, which means my team and I have to start over. I feel like I failed and the blow to my ego has been difficult to handle. I don’t like disappointing people. I notice myself feeling less confident as we move forward with this project and even in my daily interactions at work. How do I rebuild my confidence at work and learn to pull away some of those attachments/emotions?


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